Heidi Denner

Heidi Denner

Heidi’s journey at Mother Duck Child Care began in 2010 when she became an Educator at our Manly service. A short time later, she stepped up to become the Director, then Franchisee, at Manly.

Heidi joined the leadership team as COO in 2018, to support and mentor leaders and educators across the organisation.

As she visits each of our services, Heidi helps nurture healthy team culture to foster outstanding staff performance. She also works closely with families, educators, leaders and health professionals to support the wellbeing of each child. This collaborative approach helps achieve the best outcomes for children.

Heidi holds an Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services and has three young children of her own. One of Heidi’s children is autistic and suffers from severe anxiety. Heidi’s personal experience as a mother has strengthened her dedication to supporting the social and emotional wellbeing of each child. She believes that every child must be valued as an individual, to flourish in their own way.

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